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We are a young and ambitious firm of design professionals based in East London. Having developed a culture of collaborating and knowledge sharing across multiple disciplines, we pride ourselves on the diverse range of ideas we are able to bring to each project.

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Prior to forming MazDesigns Ltd, our experience has included projects of various scale, from the single-storey kitchen extension to the multi-million pound mixed use development project. Our experience spans across all the RIBA Plan of Work stages, taking projects from concept through construction.

We are committed to creating sustainable, innovative spaces that positively impact society and the lives of those that use it. With the ambition of one day transforming whole neighbourhoods/cities, we approach each new project with the question – ‘how will this space contribute to the lives of those that experience it?’

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Great Attention To Detail

At MazDesigns we believe that the whole is as great as the sum of its parts

Understanding that masterplanning can foster social change; buildings can enhance living conditions; and interiors can alter daily habits, we are committed to excellence, whatever the scale of the project. 


We Specialise In architecture, interiors and masterplanning projects

At MazDesigns the size of the project determines our approach. In a masterplanning project we consider the form of the buildings, how they interact with each other and the surrounding environment. In an architectural design project, as well as considering the form of the building, we explore its function, how the building is divided for its intended use and how these divisions interact. An interior design project is similar except the aesthetic of each room or space is considered individually. In an Interior design project every detail is significant, from how the moulding connects with the coving, to the size and position of the curtain pole. Whatever the scale of the project, if they fall into any of the three categories – architecture, interiors or masterplanning – we have the expertise.